About Rita


Who in the world is Rita?
I ask myself that question about every day. Still not exactly sure, but I can try and tell you a bit about myself.
I’m Rita, I am from Portugal (more exactly from Lisbon) and I love traveling the world. 
I started this blog by precisely trying to give voice to that passion about the world and exploring it whenever I can. In 2011, when this blog was born, I walked away from my advertising agency job as an Art Director in Lisbon to travel around South America for a few months. But the adventure eventually came to an end and I got back to work again – this time as a freelancer art director, graphic designer and illustrator. I found out that being a freelancer was a more suitable way to fund my travels (also the best for me, considering all the traveling I do, which is now a priority in my life). I knew that much about me at that point – I had to keep on traveling – while working, on vacation, with friends, solo…the important is to keep moving, keep on seeing the world.
2015 was a year of great changes in my traveler life – I became a travel leader for the awesome portuguese travel agency Nomad, for whom I will be leading small group travels around the world very very soon (stay tuned!). I couldn’t be happier – I have just landed the best job in the whole world! I still work as a freelancer advertising creative, but I keep on traveling. And I always will.

If you have any travel related questions do send me an email, post a comment on the website or send a message via facebook and I’ll get to you as soon as possible. Also, to follow my adventures please subscribe to my newsletter at the end of the page :)


Follow my adventures here at whereintheworldisrita.com or through my Twitter @Ritandtheworld. You can find me on FACEBOOK too or if you prefer, by email: ritantheworld[at]gmail[dot]com

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