‘Is this seat taken?’ – The decision of traveling solo

For most of my travels I wasn’t alone. Actually, for me, traveling has always meant sharing a place and a moment with someone. And to be honest that has most of the time worked great, and I would have not done it any other way. However, everything changes: people change, what you want from life changes, the way you look at places and even people change…  the things you want keep changing… Life is this ever-changing massive tangled ball and every day presents us with new and exciting challenges and opportunities. Mine has presented me traveling. Or I want to believe that 🙂

However, this time I want to travel solo. More than want, it’s something that sort of happened. I can’t say I have always planed to travel the world on my own, but at this point in my life it seems the best way to do it. Also, I think that traveling on my own will show me a different way of traveling and certainly more close to the people I will meet along the way. I love doing things alone and I truly enjoy my “me time”, whether spent on reading, painting, drawing, taking photos or just watching a movie. But when it comes to travel the world alone means being alone for a lot more time than I ever have been. Am I scared? Hell, yeah! Traveling solo means I have to more careful with everything. Also means I won’t be able to trust people easily, and have to have my own back; but also some things will turn out to be more expensive… oh yes, one good thing about traveling with someone is that you share everything, making the traveling a lot cheaper. Also, it’s good to have someone to blame when something goes wrong ha-ha-ha.

The truth is, I honestly believe that traveling alone will make me be closer from who I am, what I want from life and make this travel experience a unique life revelation.

So, as for your “is this seat taken?” question… No, that seat – so far – is not taken.


What about you? Do you prefer traveling alone, with a partner or friends? What’s your traveling ‘situation’?



Although it might come almost as a shock knowing that I’m a female solo traveler, I must tell you there are a lot of other people in the same situation. Shanon from A Little Adrift is one of them and I love reading her blog. Check it out!


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1 Comment

  • Hi Rita,

    Your stories and the way you write them made me spend the last couple of hours reading your blog and I must say that I loved every one of your posts. I guess its a good thing that I’ll only start working at11h30 am

    You are obviously a very talented writer and an extremelly passionate traveller. The trips to Patagonia and Iguaçu sounded awesome and the posts about Goiás show that life chooses to give us the best packed within the simplest things.

    However I must say that there were two posts that amazed me. Dear world and this one. In both you somehow managed to put in words exactly how I feel about travelling alone, I found myself nodding my head all the way. Being able to face our own fears and stretching our boundaries while we have the time of our life. Could it be any better? Nahhh I don’t think so!

    I’ll be checking for more updates as the dedicated fan I’ve become. My relationship with the world is also very young, but I really want to take it to a whole new level in the coming years. A new and amazing trip in 2013 is already in the forge

    Rui F.

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