João Cajuda: actor, film maker and traveler


For the series “WORLD TRAVELERS” I am interviewing actor / videographer / travel blogger João Cajuda. João inspires people to travel through his website and facebook page, where he also features amazing videos from his travels (watch his last one about Indonesia clicking here). I found João online after watching one of his wonderful films about India (watch it here) and I am so very pleased he accepted to answer a few questions about his adventures around the world and make us all want to just pack a bag and GO TRAVEL (even more).


Rita: In a few words, tell us: who is João Cajuda?
João: I’m just an honest, loving happy go lucky guy who loves traveling… with a genuine desire to find love and laughter, and be part of something special.


R: You’ve just come back from Indonesia. I was there in 2013 and I fell completely in love with the country! Do you recommend it too?
J: Totally! I confess that I was expecting better beaches, eheh specially in Bali. In my opinion Portuguese beaches are much better… also some parts of the country are getting a bit destroyed by the tourism, specially Gili Islands…  but it’s a beautiful country with so many different landscapes and cultures, very spiritual, food is delicious and Indonesian people are the most lovely people ever! It’s incredible how millions of people with different cultures and religions live in peace… it’s an example of human respect and tolerance. I will go back again to visit other islands, so I definitely recommend!

image1R: Now you’re a travel leader in Morocco! Tell us about that experience, and what are the advantages of visiting Morocco with someone who knows so much about the country, like you.
J: Before visiting Morocco for the first time, I never thought I would create such a special connection with the country. I felt in love with everything: the people, the food, the culture, the design and architecture, the landscapes and specially the way Moroccan people live their lives… Morocco is a country of contrasts. I decided that I had to show this to people with the support of João and Rita Leitão… the advantages of visiting Morocco with me is because I don’t waste time; I take people to the best spots, I give them the best activities and experiences… In conclusion, I guess my tour is an unforgettable experience to any traveller.

R: I always ask this, but here it goes again: what are your top 3 destinations (and why)?
J: Well Morocco is on that top like I said in the preview answer. Then Thailand, because it’s a paradise on earth, and then Brazil, despite the feeling of insecurity that you can feel in the big cities, is a beautiful, stunning and diverse country and I really love their lifestyle and happiness.  

R: Have you ever been in a country you didn’t feel welcome? Or have you had any problems while traveling?
J: No, and I really hope not to feel that in the future.

10805586_389149814587313_3786430360679890560_nR: What do you love the most about traveling? What have you learned about life while traveling?
J: I love the unknown, I love the feeling of being “lost”. Everything is exciting again, even crossing the street to go to that rotten restaurant bathroom that has no toilet and no paper ahaha. I like the feeling of not knowing what’s at the end of the street… The smell of places, the light, the colors… sometimes I find myself filming a stupid rock in the middle of the road, it’s ridiculous, I don’t do that in Portugal… but thats the magic of traveling.    

R: 2015 has just started! Do you already have any traveling plans for this new year? Is there a new adventure in the making?
J: Yes! So I have 4 group tours to Morocco during 2015. In February I’m also visiting Dubai, in June I’m doing a road trip from Rome to Sicily, and then I have more 3 weeks of vacation that I haven’t decided yet, maybe a safari in Tanzania, maybe South America, maybe Cuba and some Caribbean Island… aww decisions, decisions lol.

R: I first heard about you because of an amazing video you made of your trip to India. Is film another passion of yours?  
J: Well, sometimes I still work as an actor, so film has always been a passion. I always film my travels, I like to keep memories, memories are the beautification of truth and video is the best way to transpose those feelings and moments. Also I like to share those amazing places I visit with my followers… mostly of them unfortunatly will never have the opportunity to visit some of those places, so it is a way for them to travel!

R: Do you have a favorite type of destination? Beach, mountains, cities, jungle…or all of them?
J: I love the beach! I’m from Algarve, I can´t live without the beach :-) But I always try to combine everything.

10806327_379594245542870_7487021376156835988_nR: What’s your funniest / craziest travel story? One of those you can’t stop yourself from laughing every time you think of it.
J: I can´t say the funniest one here, lol. I’m not sure if your readers will be shocked but here it goes one… In a crazy night, after so many drinks in the streets of Bangkok me and 2 friends (girls and boy) ended up in a Ping Pong show, I never heard about it so I didn’t know exactly what was going on here… We got the best places in the room right next to the stage. When the show started I was completely shocked, those girls are so talented that I barely could close my mouth… they smoke through their vagina, they take blades, they expel ping pong balls while you play with a racket, it’s disturbing but at the same time incredible. Suddenly the woman introduces a Banana, lol, I was “WTF is she going to do?! Peel the Banana?!” and suddenly she expels the Banana right in my face!!! I was like 2 meters from her!!! How come?! I know it’s disgusting, but we couldn’t stop laughing for an hour, specially because I didn’t react… at the end of the show we went to party with her in her neighborhood, nowadays we are still friends and talk on Facebook.  

R: For someone who is dreaming about traveling for a long time but hasn’t got the courage to do so yet, what would you say to him/her?
J: It’s like that tacky old quote “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”… You have to start somewhere, somehow; book a plane ticked and fall in love again… 2 weeks, one month, even a weekend, just go!… You don´t need to be rich to travel, just save some money, make priorities… I usually say that I prefer my backpack and a good company instead of a club full of empty people.



Thanks a lot João! Happy travels :)

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