Photo essay: My favourite SUNSETS in the world (so far)


It’s not new: I love sunsets. And everyday the sunset is different, so I find myself collecting these amazing moments and memories from sunsets wherever I go. It makes me feel so lucky to be able to witness these sheer bliss moments on our magnificent world… I will never stop traveling! These are my top sunsets (so far!):


The sky in Brazil is out of this world. I took this picture when I was in the state of Goiás, in the interior of Brasil and I could see the cattle slowly walking on the horizon (right after a curious encounter with a viper). Perfection:



Amazing rainbows and amazing sunsets. Hawaii’s sunsets took over my heart:


Borneo (Mantanani Island)

Imagine an almost desert island. Three days in Heaven, with one and one only must-do-activity – watch the sunset. Happiness for the eyes:


San Pedro de Atacama – Death Valley (Chile)

The sunset in the driest desert on Earth is amazing, but even more wonderful is to look at the mountains and see how they change colours every few seconds until the night settles in:



Bagan (Myanmar)

Thousands of temples. One sun. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen: