Solo traveler falls for solo traveler

 Everybody is different.

For some, what sparks an interest in someone (besides the “he’s so cute” first thought) is the taste in music. For others, the taste in food or the knowledge in a specific subject, wittiness, humor and so on. For me, the first thing that grabs my attention to a person is the passion for traveling. I can’t help it… tell me about your cat or that you are an amazing singer in the shower and I won’t probably give it that much attention. But talk travel to me and oh boy, you’ll have my full attention, my wide opened eyes and my constant grin.

So, I met a boy (let’s call him N) who made me smile from day one, and still manages to make me smile e-v-e-r-y time. He loves traveling, and always has some great stories to share. Each of us have traveled to many places, but found each other at home. We speak the same languages (travel! art! adventure!), we have the same curiosity and eagerness to travel the world, to experiment everything we get on the way, try new exotic things, meet new cultures and new people from everywhere, do something new at every chance we get… yeah, the world is our oyster!


He used to travel solo.
I used to travel solo.
Now we have booked a trip together, which will definitely not be solo for either of us.

The best thing is, he’s not only a traveler. He’s the intelligent, curious, passionate for adventure, explorer, funny, wonderful kind of traveler, and yes: I’ve fallen for him.
I can’t wait for our adventures together. I want to get lost in the world with him. Before it was me and the world. Now it’s me, N and the whole world. Let’s see what lays ahead for us.

(To be continued)