The story behind the Photo #2


This is not the typical tourist’s souvenir.
This is the memory of the day I was (almost) kidnapped by a llama.

I was in Santiago de Chile during my solo trip in South America, wondering its beautiful streets and taking in all the city had to offer. I hardly took the map from my pocket; it was a warm sunny day and I was taking it slowly, just getting to know the city, feeling it, living it.

Then I saw Chiclito, the llama in the photo. I hardly ever go along with this silly things of “paying to take a photo” of a “typical something”, but Chiclito smiled at me (I swear he did!!!). So I took a few chilean pesos off my pocket (worth a few cents) and asked to photograph the cute llama. However, the deal was a bit different than I imagined. The boy who was taking care of Chiclito start helping me to get ON chiclito, like if he was a horse. I wasn’t expecting it but played along (hoping Chiclito wouldn’t mind my almost 50kg)…

Now I was on top of Chiclito, which was a lot smaller than a horse (but probably cuter) – it kind of made me feel I could almost touch the floor with my feet… I imagined “driving” Chiclito as if he was a Flintstones car! :)

chiclito_chile_ritaI handed my SLR camera to the young boy, Chiclito’s owner, and he dropped the leash while trying to understand my instructions on how to use the heavy camera. That’s when Chiclito tried to run away with me, pursuing our own happily ever after! He started running through Santiago’s streets, celebrating his freedom…

Maybe way too early: unfortunately for Chiclito, the story does not have the happy ending he was dreaming of. His owner made a run after us and got him back, returned my camera with this precious photo. Chiclito and me took very different paths in life, but I will never forget this day in Santiago: the day I was almost kidnapped by a llama.




About this photo series:
I always look at other people’s photographs and play a story in my head. I imagine what the person is feeling there, what he/she wants to show me with the picture and in some cases how he or she got there. When I am looking at photos from my travels I do not have to imagine, just remember: every and single one of my shots has a story behind it. Some a very simple one (I was there and well, it was such an amazing landscape I had to take that memory with me), others something more meaningful or even complex. In this photo series, I plan to tell you the story behind a photo I took. Somewhere. Some time ago.