The story behind the Photo #1

I always look at other people’s photographs and play a imagined story in my head. I imagine what the person is feeling there, what he/she wants to show me with the picture and in some cases how he or she got there. When I am looking at photos from my travels I do not have to imagine, just remember: every and single one of my shots has a story behind it. Some a very simple one (I was there and well, it was such an amazing landscape I had to take that memory with me), others something more meaningful or even complex. In this photo series, I plan to tell you the story behind a photo I took. Somewhere. Some time ago.

I start with this picture (above) I took in Bolivia. It is probably my favorite of my travel photos. It’s such a peaceful image.

There’s no pompous story attached to it, it’s rather an overwhelming feeling. I was on a 3 day 4×4 crossing of the Bolivian altiplano and this was one of the stops. The desert was immense and there was absolutely nothing around…but then, here, in the middle of nowhere, there was a train track which used to connect Chile to Bolivia. We got out of the 4×4 and most people were just hanging around and taking funny pictures of themselves on the tracks. I was on my dream adventure in South America, with no real plans, no date of arrival at the next destination. I was flowing. I was going with the wind. I was nowhere, but everywhere I wanted to be. I had no plans, yet I was full of dreams and thirsty of more adventures to come. This picture makes me happy; it’s somehow a landmark of my first big adventure out there in the world. And now I know… it was the first of many.

And  what about your photos?
What story do they tell? :)


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