The story behind the photo #3: rice paddy field (indonesia)

I had to post this photo here. It makes me laugh e-v-e-r-y-time… I can’t help it.
indonesia_bali_rice_fieldSo, this is Nuno, my boyfriend, taking photos on a rice paddy field in Bali, Indonesia. We were visiting Gunung Kawi, a temple nor far from Ubud. After the visit, just before leaving, we stopped at the top to enjoy the view and take some photos. Nuno was by the rice paddy where I took a few pictures, including the one featured in this post. Nuno was shooting the rice paddy and I was shooting the views.
I was very focused on my shooting (I was amazed by the shades of green before me) when I heard a “splash” sound… I turned to my right and there was Nuno with half his body into the rice paddy. He climbed up to realize one leg and one foot soaking wet (he managed to save the left one and the camera!). After seeing he was OK, with no injuries, we started laughing (ok, I started laughing).
This event, although a bit annoying (for Nuno) was specially funny (to me) because:
DCIM100GOPRO1) Before the visit we waited in the car almost a whole hour for the rain to slow down (it was pouring down when we arrived!) and then we borrowed two umbrellas from the driver (mine was very pink – we took a selfie).
The main reason was that we didn’t want our shoes to get wet, as the weather was so humid it would make it difficult for them to dry during the following days traveling in Indonesia – plus, on every day of our stay in Bali we had experienced about one hour of heavy rain in the afternoon – so we guessed it would eventually pass. And it was the right call (or just lucky) – we managed to stay mostly dry for the entire visit to the temple (well, apart from Nuno’s dive).
2) I am the clumsy one! I am the one who trips over a little pebble on the street (and then automatically apologizes to it), who walks into lamp posts and gets distracted with random things. If there was one person likely to fall into the rice paddy water, it would be me. And probably get some leeches as a bonus in the process.
3) Just… BECAUSE! So distracted taking pictures in a rice paddy that you get to fall in? Come on! Too funny! I’ll keep playing this moment over and over again in my head :)
I love how every picture has a story behind it… some funnier than others :)